Urban Tribes goes beta!

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Urban Tribes starts a dialogue between indigenous wisdom and contemporary urban communities. Indigenous tribes are designed to keep our families, communities, and natural environment in balance, not just for the present, but for generations to come. By re-enacting indigenous wisdom we can create a stronger sense of belonging in our urban society. The connection between each other, our ancestors and our environment will become more vivid. The fundamental purpose of this way of transmitting wisdom to generations to come is sustainability.

Urban tribes is an enchantment and introduction for the global dialogue on urban tribes. Our practice as tribe members can be an invitation to share our practices and wisdom to restore our conscience of the collective. Engagement in the platform with partners Рvalidate capacity for critical mass. You can share as well!

Urban Tribes is now still in beta, soon we will launch. Do you want to keep up to date? Or do you have urban tribal stories to share? Please, let us know via: info[at]urban-tribes.net.

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