Ubuntu as global vision

A fruitful dialogue on Ubuntu was hosted by Herberg Het Mandelahuisje with special contribution of Ilco van der Linde and facilitated by Urban Tribes. On initiative of Four World Europe, Karin Lindeman-Boere, we were honored to have Chief Phil Lane Jr., PhD/diplomat Dorine van Norren, Prof. Heinz Kimmerle, Drs. Chudi Ukpabi and Ms. Trishdar Chademana in our circle, shining their light on Ubuntu. Together we stretched our notion of extended family.

We started the day with the calling question: Ubuntu represents African values, can it also be shared as a global vision? We connected people and experienced the joy of bringing communities together. How can Ubuntu develop our mentality? How can we use Ubuntu to transform our daily lives and to solve our challenges? Below you can find a sketch of our insights of that day and some links to learn more.

By opening up to collective wisdom we slowed down and returned to our hearts. Speaking from the heart we can spread the fire. Urban Tribes looks forward to collaborate further and enable African values to play a role in reconciliation of local communities on a global scale.


Further readings

The nexus of Ubuntu and Global Public Goods: its relevance for the post 2015 development Agenda – Dorine van Norren
Power of African Thinking – Leontine van Hooft
Hanne van Asten made some beautiful pictures of the day, check them out here.