Tribal wisdom for city life

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‘We are here for a short time. Like the breath of a buffalo on a cold winters day’ – Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Under guidance of Chief Phill Lane Jr. and with a group of engaged community builders we shared our mutual vision for urban tribes. We are willing to change and in a place of not knowing we search for our roots, seek ancient wisdom and learn from tribal people ways of empowerment.

With guiding principles we can create a city in which we all feel at home. However, we are facing some big challenges. How to live in spirit in this pragmatic society? How do we embrace our demons and accept the dark side that is present in each of us? How do we heal the wounds of our society? What happened to the grief of the First and Second World War? How do we relate to other tribes, the ones with the comfortable lives with the 40 million reugees that are on the move? Are we able to throw out our ropes and build on mutual respect?

Next year we will create further stepping stones in order for community builders to share ownership in urban tribes, transform cultures in wisdom and from a field of abundance seek for experiment!

Thanks to our partners The Four Worlds International Institute Four Worlds Europe and Herberg In De Veilige Haven – ‘Het Mandelahuisje’