Tent of Nations refuses to be enemies

The Tent of Nations is in the center of 5 Israeli settlements, located on the West Bank of Palestine. Co-founder Daoud Nassar explains how his family started a new way of resistance, a non-violent, creative, constructive and positive way of resistance under the slogan: We refuse to be enemies!

Nassar: ‘We are against violence, against sitting down and crying and against giving up and leaving. We had to develop a new way of resistance, that’s why we set up 4 principles:
1. We refuse to become victims. You might feel sympathy with me, but leave me sinking in my frustration.
2. Secondly we refuse to hate. This is easy said, difficult to practice. We are distinguishing between hating the human and not accepting their bad actions. We are respecting the people as humans, but we have to tell the other his actions are wrong.
3. We want to walk the talk by doing. We believe and do!
4. We are people who belief in justice. One day the sun of justice will rise.

Farm of Tent of Nations Photo: Rawati Letwory


How can we develop the property without water, electricity and building permit? We have found creative ways that helped us to keep our motivation, helped other people by learning and doing and protecting the environment. We installed a solar power system in 2009 and we managed 45.000 euro for fuel expenses, we used to run a diesel generator for electricity at night, now we have electricity for 24 hours a day. We are depending on rain water, to be used for irrigation and we started renovating caves.
If there is a will there’s a way. This is a small stone for a better future. This is our contribution. Together we can shape the better picture.’

Farm of Tent of Nations Photo: Elien van Riet

How to walk the path of peace? According to Daoud peace should grow as an olive tree from the bottom up, using the ground as its foundation.

Daoud Nassar will visit The Netherlands on the 7th of February at the Vrienden van Sabeel in Houten.
More information on Tent of Nations can be found on www.tentofnations.org
This journey was made possible by Millennium Travels and the Timu Kota Foundation.

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