Celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem

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The journey has chosen us and we said ‘yes’. A partnership between Millennium Travels and Urban Tribes facilitates Miranda Willems and Elien van Riet to accompany a group of youngsters on a trip to Israel and Palestine, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The group will celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem, ‘the promised land’. On the journey the group will meet dialogue leaders and peace activists in the conflict area, where peace never have seen so far away.

The trip aims to create support among Dutch youngsters for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The goals are established in 2000 to translate human rights into concrete actions that were considered feasible by 2015. Every youngster chooses one human right as a focal point during the trip. Every evening the youngsters exchange their daily experiences and get their findings on the various Human Rights discussed. How to keep your courage and hope for change of stereotypes, a stronger economy and independence of Palestine in an area where occupation and human rights violations are order of the day?

Partner of the group on the spot, the Arab Education Institute (AEI) in Bethlehem, provides a place for different communities to engage in dialogue about citizen participation, peace and justice. The AEI will introduce the group into its strategies and social techniques to combine regional forces to collaborate on a common goal: to build a free, democratic and culturally diverse Palestine.

On the journey Urban Tribes will take with her an ear to listen to the people and their stories of the conflict area. For 2015, it hopes to bring back to Amsterdam wisdom about human resilience, dialogue and positive development of the conflict zone.

Millennium Travels wants to inform young people about human rights in the Palestinian Authority and the Ministery of Foreign Affaires supports this youth trip financially through the Sbos program.

The journey can be followed via the website and Facebook of Millennium Travels.

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